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How can Asavi help you?


View details of management teams and their structure

Org charts and relationship maps of senior team members gives you a transparent look at company leadership.

Helps you:
  • Identify key decision makers;
  • Compare management team structures;
  • Find in-house subject matter experts and ex-employees.

Explore team member skillsets

A detailed look at the unique skills and abilities that make team leaders exceptional.

Helps you:
  • Map job roles and responsibilities;
  • Uncover key talent;
  • Pull lists of leaders with relevant skills.

Find board members, advisors and notable ex-employees

Our expansive library and detailed search filters gives you the power to dive deeper in your talent research.

Helps you:
  • Track talent flows across companies;
  • Identify sources for reference checks;
  • Identify relevant thought leaders in your industry or geography.

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Talent Acquisition

Asavi turbo-charges your talent mapping process and helps you zero-in on leadership profiles at industry peers and aspirational companies

  • David Reyes

    David Reyes

    Talent Acquisition Lead

    “Asavi makes it easy for me to get a birds-eye view of the management teams at companies across APAC. I can also drill down into the details of individual leaders and compare them to each other. It’s super useful to have all of this information clearly presented in one place!”

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